Platformer FREE

You can use the arrow keys to move around the level above before deciding whether or not you want to download the .capx file. Only the latest version of Construct2 free edition is required to run the .capx. This file shows you:

  • How to create enemy movement
  • How to kill an enemy
  • How to award points for killing an enemy or collecting an item
  • How to create a collectible item
  • How to create a power up
  • How to look different after you get a power up
  • How to tally and display coins totals, point totals, and level numbers
  • How to go to the next level once a goal is reached
  • How to die from falling off the screen
  • How to die from being hit by an enemy
  • How to make it so that if you had a power-up at the start of the level, and then died, don't have the power-up on your next life

.Capx download below

Please feel free to download and share the .capx file below, and then use it to get started on your own platformer game. Design the sprite art, create new areas and power-ups, and make something all your own.

If you like this .capx, you can also download my rpg/zelda .capx here.

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